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Excite Japan Co., Ltd. ("Excite") provides its services (the "Services" including advertisement) to users of the Services generally on a free of charge basis, with the exception of a limited number of paid services.

While Excite will make its best efforts to manage the Services upon its operation, Excite will in no event be liable for any defects detected in connection with the Services and/or any loss or damage caused by such defects.

In addition, Excite will in no event be liable for any loss or damage caused by illegal or inappropriate acts, such as illegal sales activities and acts of solicitation (whether for the purpose of profit or otherwise) etc., of users using the Services. Excite makes no warranties as to the lawfulness or the appropriateness of any user’s method of use of the Services in relation to such user's voluntary use thereof.

Excite makes no warranties with regard to any of the following in connection with the Services:

・ The accuracy and quality of the website and information therein, and as to whether such website and information is up to date;
・ The possibility that unpleasant contents will be displayed; and
・ That the Services will operate under any and all user environment, or that the Services will not cause malfunction or effects to such user environment.

If any dispute arises between Excite and any user of the Services in relation to the use of the Services, Excite and such user agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in the first instance, and that such dispute shall be governed by laws of Japan.

Privacy Policy

Excite Japan Co., Ltd. ("Excite") acquires and uses the information of customers with their acknowledgment and for a clearly-stated purpose through the application services ("apps") it provides on smartphones and other devices. This privacy policy describes how customer information is handled by Excite apps.

1. Information Acquired and the Purpose of Use
While details about the customer information acquired and its purpose of use are provided inside each app, Excite also handles customer information in accordance with the following policy.
  1. Excite carefully examines the characteristics and purpose of the services offered through each app and avoid acquiring unnecessary information.
  2. When acquiring information that customers are unlikely to expect, such as mechanical means, Excite only acquires the information after notifying the customer to that effect.
  3. Excite mainly uses the customer information acquired through apps for the following purposes. However, when using the information, Excite does not acquire unnecessary personal information or seek to identify individual customers.
    ・ To provide the services of the app itself
    ・ For analysis and research to improve the services or provide new services
    ・ To deliver advertisements based on interests, etc. and to provide information from Excite about its products and services
    ・ To release information about user attributes, preferences, and so on gained from Excite services after it has been analyzed and converted into statistics as marketing data, and to provide the information to governments, other companies and so on
  4. When Excite acquires and uses personal information, Excite does so in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. In addition, even when the information acquired through an app is linked with personal information Excite has already been provided with from customer, the information is handled in the same way.

The following table shows the purpose of use for individual types of information.
Used Information Purpose of Use
Cookies Advertising Identifier (IDFA) Google Advertising ID To automatically receive customer information including applications used by the customer, usage environment, viewing history and behavioral history from the customer's applications and deliver advertisements based on the customer's interests, etc.
Connected Carrier Name, Terminal Device Model, Language and Region Settings, Connected IP Address To identify the terminal device used by installing the app, and to manage informative data by linking it to the terminal device.
OS (Operating System), OS Version, Application Version, Operational Log To identify the terminal device used by installing the app, and to customize the way content is displayed based on the usage environment.
Location Information To customize the content displayed based on the location of use. Please note that location information is used based on the information from base stations or GPS.

2.Provision of Information to Third Parties
Except when required by laws and regulations, Excite does not provide the customer information it has acquired to third parties without customer consent. Prior consent is obtained when providing the information to a third party.

3.Sending Informative Data to Third Parties by Combining an Advertising Module and Information Transmission Module, etc.
  1. In some of its apps, Excite may automatically receive and perform analysis on customer information from the apps used by customers for the purpose of delivering advertisements from business partners through a combination of advertising modules, etc. That information includes pages visited by customers and their usage environments, obtained by way of cookies, Advertising Identifiers provided by Apple and Advertising IDs provided by Google ("Advertising Identifiers, etc."). *An advertising module is a program incorporated into an app to ascertain the state of app usage by a customer for the purpose of analyzing usage and delivering network-based advertising. Business partners use informative data and acquire information for the purpose of delivering advertisements. During this process, the information that is obtained contains no personal information whatsoever. The obtained information is managed in accordance with the privacy policies established by each business partner. If you wish to stop this feature sending information (opt-out), please complete the opt-out procedures detailed below.
  2. If you wish to stop (opt-out from) behavioral targeting
    information from being sent from an iOS app

    Stop information from being sent (opt-out)
    If you wish to stop (opt-out from) behavioral targeting
    information from being sent from an Android app

    Stop information from being sent (opt-out)
  3. Please note that performing the steps to stop (out-out from) having information sent as detailed above will stop the display of behavioral targeting advertisements, and will not completely stop advertisements from being displayed
  4. In some apps, Excite may send the informative data of customers (not containing the personal information of customers) to access analysis tools provided by third parties and use the data, for the purpose of planning, provision, improvement, development and promotion, etc. of Excite services by combining the apps with information transmission modules, for instance. If you would like Excite to stop sending the data (opt-out), please complete the necessary procedures on the third-party sites of the following applicable tools.
  5. Name of Recipient Name of Service How to Stop the Information from Being Sent
    Google Inc. Google Analytics
    (Google Analytics Privacy Policy)
    - Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on Or
    - Uninstall the app

4. Methods Involving Users
When the use of information provided by a customer is rejected, all or part of the app may become unavailable, or it may be necessary to uninstall the app.
Of the information provided from customers, Excite will cease the use of, delete or take other action with respect to the information that constitutes personal information at the request of a customer, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. For information about the procedures involved, please check the Excite Privacy Policy.

5. Inquiries
Information regarding inquiries about the handling of customer information in the app or services will be provided through each app.

6. About Apple Health data sharing
"Sleepable Yoga"(hearafter "this application")has the function of recording the playing time into the HealthKit database as mindfulness data after obtaining the agreement of customers.
Excite will only save the customer's recorded data into the HealthKit database and will not send it to our server and save it.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy
Notification of any revisions to this policy will be provided on this website. Customers are encouraged to check this page as necessary for the latest information regarding such changes. Please note that Excite accepts no responsibility for any problems that occur as a result of a Customer not being able to confirm a change. Further, please note that Excite will inform customers in advance and obtain their consent by each apps if there are any changes to the information to be acquired or purpose of use requiring customer consent, or changes regarding the provision of the information to third parties.

Established on October 20, 2016
Excite Japan Co., Ltd.